...and welcome to Beneath the Trees, we are a blissful little business that that sells organic, natural gifts that we have handcrafted ourselves.

We decided to open this shop because of our love of all things natural, organic and outdoorsy. We have always been creative people that love to make things and it would be amazing if our creations could be loved by others too.

Organic, Natural Gifts for the Nature Lover - Outdoorsy Gifts

We plan to build up the array of products that we offer with new and exciting creations as and when we produce them and have approved them. So keep an eye out for new items available soon.

Please note: Our site is currently under construction please check check back soon. However, in the meantime you can view our Etsy shop: or drop us an email.

Much love,
Beneath the Trees

Meet the Team

The word team may be be a little over-presumptuous as there's only two of us, however we really do make a great team.
Read on to find out a little more about us below.


The Unconventional, Bohemian Magic Maker

The creator of all things Beneath the Trees that takes her magical ideas and turns them into earthly and ornate hand crafted jewels.


The Strong, Lionhearted Artificer

The man who loves anything covered in Bark and remolds forgotten, unloved logs into fine pieces of timber that are ready to be worked on.

Natural and Organic Gifts, Jewellery and Bags...

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