Footprints in the Snow 🐾

As I’m sure you are all very aware (if not, where the heck have you been?!), the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ took over the majority of the UK this week and ground the UK to a holt. I managed to make it into my day job everyday however, I’m lucky to work for a great company who care about their staff and they sent us home after only a few hours each day. Which meant two things; I was able to play in the snow like a big kid and also, I was able let my creativity run free with lots of ideas for Beneath the Trees flying around left right and centre! (It was quite hard catching them all if I’m honest!)

Once the snowy nostalgia had worn off, I encountered my most enchanting experience this morning. As most of the snow in my region was clearing after a night of rainfall, I rose early, grabbed my camera, wellies and knitwear and took off for a walk in the woods.

Wow. Now I love the woods, like I would live in the middle of a forest if I could. In a tree house. And never leave. And today I felt even more magic whilst walking beneath the trees than I usually do. I felt like I was in a scene from the Animals of Farthing Wood. The fresh, soft, glistening snow had not been disturbed by one human footprint, only those of the magical, magnificent wildlife.

I was so excited and honoured to see the distinctive footprints of the animals that roam the woods of a night. To see the footprints of these majestic, glorious mammals and birds brought the entire woods alive for me; as I was walking through a quiet and empty woodland, all my imagination could see was the animals scurrying and hopping along, sniffing out food and playing in the snow.

The woods will never be the same again for me.

From my knowledge, I discovered the footprints of deer, badgers (and baby badgers ♥ this made my heart pop), foxes, rabbits or hares and a bird or two.

I may forever refer to Great Holland Pits in Essex as Farthing Wood from now on… 🐾

Much love,
Beneath the Trees x

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