Girl on a Mission

Although I’m new to camping myself, I have always enjoyed a good old cheesy caravan holiday in the UK. I have also visited my parents my parents many a times whilst they were away on holiday in their camper van which they sadly no longer have.

…..My heart aches for a camper van.

Last year, me and my husband treated ourselves to our first tent ad whilst we enjoy our first holiday away in it we much prefer the idea of a camper van, not the mention the fact that a camper would be much warmer at night!

Another reason we’d love a camper is so we can take house cat away with us in the van and keep her safe – I’m pretty sure she could easily scratch her way out of a tent.

So here’s my mission… to track down a pre-loved, beautifully worn out camper that needs a bit of tender loving care… I have lots of tender loving care to offer for the right “old girl”!

It’s okay calm down, my Dad is a retired mechanic and my brothers are classic car enthusiast and regularly take apart, fix and respray their cars so I feel confident that if I needed help it would be there.

And come on with a family like that I’ve obviously got car restoration in my blood, right?! (let’s hope so!)

My aim is to also put aside any money I can save by cutting back which in turn allows me to be more mindful, enjoy life, the great outdoors and become healthier.

I’ve started cycling to work which saves me a lot of money in petrol and this is so good for the environment and stress levels (everyone suffers from a of road right first thing in the morning). Plus I’m sure cycling every day is toning my body nicely – big bonus!

Now I’ve told you my mission and my dream, I ask you, do you have any tips for me? I’m looking at getting a VW T3/T25 Camper form the 80’/90s eras. Any tips or advice would be amazing and I’d be so grateful. Have you found ways to make cut backs to save for your project I’d love to hear them and even more so I’d love to see your before and after pictures.

Much love,
Beneath the Trees x

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