I Hugged a Tree and I Liked it!

Okay so I have a confession I am a tree lover and I always have been. But until today I could never have told you that I hugged a tree… I know, crazy, right?!

So, this week had been a bit of a demanding at work and it was quite stressful, so when the weekend arrived, I gladly went my weekend woodland walk and as I was walking, I felt this urge to hug a tree. Part of me was hesitant in case someone saw me, but then I thought “what am I doing, who cares if anyone sees me!”

I strolled around the woods, looking at the trees until I found one that I felt a draw towards and slowly walked up to it, I gazed at it, taking in all of its beauty and hugged it. I hugged it so tightly.

I can’t tell you how amazing it felt! It felt like all the stresses from the week just left me like the tree absorbed it all, purifying it and releasing it into the open air as clean, fresh oxygen.

Have you hugged a tree lately? If you haven’t then why not try it? Nature truly is the best medicine and I’ve always believed it.

Much love,
Beneath the Trees x

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