I’ve Still Got the Magic in Me

So yesterday, while going about my day as I usually do, running a few errands before I get to go outside, relax and be at one with nature, I discovered that I really do still have the magic in me.

I was partaking in such a mundane part of my day, I was in the car on my way to the shop as a passenger with my husband driving. And at the side of the road at the border of someone’s front garden was an old wardrobe they had for sale (or offering or free I didn’t take too much notice of that part).

Now what could be magical about that ay? Well this man was casually walking along the path, getting closer to the house with the wardrobe in the front garden. One door of the wardrobe was open and as he made his way closer and closer, my heart came to a complete stop as for a split second I truly believed that he was about to walk inside the wardrobe as if he were casually on his way to Narnia!!

I couldn’t believe it, part of me actually thought that this guy was going to walk into a wardrobe and disappear. At first I thought okay I really am crazy but then I realised, no, I’m not crazy I just still have the magic in me. For an extremely short moment in time, the child in me, the little girl that I hardly ever see anymore popped out with innocence, belief in magical things and excitement in what could be, the unknown and the wonderful.

And I felt so liberated, so blissful and so captivated that she’s still there. Adulthood, work and bills have not diminished her completely, that little girl is still there and I am going to encourage her to come out and play more often.

Do you remember what it felt like to have that innocent mind that believed in all kinds of magic? Do you remember how at peace you felt believing that magical things really did happen and that the world is a good place? Why did we ever stop? I know that I’m letting her back in and she’s not going anywhere from now on…

I believe it’s important that we see the world through children’s eyes, through the eyes of the child you used to be. Notice the little things, look around and admire what you’re usually too busy to see because you’re in a rush or because you’re simply no longer in the habit of taking the time to see those little treasures in life.

Much love,
Beneath the Trees x

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