Wood Dream Catchers – In-Car Air fresheners

Our wood dream catchers and car air fresheners were an idea that was born here at beneath the Trees. We decided to combine our love for all things wood, with essential oils and of course, dream catchers.

They can be hung in your car (or of course around your home or workspace) to not only give of natural woody vibes, but you can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto the bark of the wood to fragrance your car or home with a natural scent.

All our natural wood air fresheners are made from sustainably sourced wood and crafted by hand here at Beneath the Trees on the Essex coast in England. Most of my ideas come to me when walking through the local woodlands as I find them so inspiring.

Please note: essential oils are no included with any of the wood dream catchers however, these can be widely sourced from many online and in-store retailers.

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Wood Dream Catchers - Beneath the Trees Natural Jewellery & Gifts