Wood Incense Holders

Our wood incense holders are all individual items that are hand decorated here at Beneath the Trees with our own designs. No two incense holders are the same.

Instead of sourcing new wood, cultivating beautiful trees unnecessarily, we use left over and reclaimed timber sections. These timber beams would otherwise end up in landfill or used for firewood. We use an array of different wood varieties, mostly hardwood but some soft wood which include: oak, cherry, pine, mahogany, cedar, redwood, ash and birch depending on what is available to us.

Incense holders or incense burners as they are also known, are popular for those that would like to fragrance their home with a subtle, natural scent. Incense also has calming qualities and is used to aid relaxation. It is popular for use during yoga sessions, meditation and an array of therapies.

Choosing wooden incense holders over alternative materials introduces a little bit of nature into your home or workplace.

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Wood Incense Holders - Beneath the Trees Natural Jewellery & Gifts