Natural Wood Keyrings

Our natural wood keyrings are beautiful, beautiful items that are made with organic hemp twine and natural wood log slices that have been carved by us here are Beneath the Trees. Some of the keyrings also feature healing crystals so you can add some serenity and relief to your day by carrying them around with you.

Each design is unique and although they are initially designed as keyrings, they can also be used to hang around the home, car, or campervan. So you can display your natural side proudly.

Each and every one of our natural wood keyrings, are designed and created by something that inspires us, as with all of our products, including our organic jewellery and gifts. Whether that be a walk within the woods, an evening on the beach watching the sunset or stroll through a meadow, it’s always nature that inspires us.

These natural wood keyrings are ideal for hanging on your shed keys to keep with the natural feel of your garden. They will make your shed keys stand out so they’re easy to grab before you run into the wild!

Or if you are a happy camper, why not show off your love the nature and natural items and hang your keyring proudly on the door, window or wall of your campervan or caravan. If you’re not lucky enough to own a campervan, you can always hang it within your car, keeping nature close to you on your morning commute to work.

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Hand Made Wood Keyrings - Beneath the Trees Natural Jewellery & Gifts