Needing Nature to Recharge

Do you ever feel a strong pull towards nature? Whether it be the crashing waves of the beach or the rustling of the leaves in the wood, or the sound of birds singing in a fresh flower meadow?

This is something I experience alot, even more so when I’ve been feeling stressed or a little low. It’s literally like a physical force is pulling me and I just have to go there. Anywhere. No matter how far it is. I just need to be there, and now.

It’s a soothing experience, I think this is our body’s way of telling us that we need to go back to basics, get away from the stresses of our day or week and relax and let go.

And that’s all I need, no therapy sessions, no colouring books just nature and nature’s beautiful music. I will be going to the beach tonight after work I am experiencing the pull and it’s really strong today, but first I have to get my work done, then I can look forward to my peaceful evening.

Where do you usually feel a pull towards? Whats your area of serenity?

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