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Something I never thought I would find myself doing is setting up my own website with the intention to regularly write and publish post blogs however, here I am about to share my outdoor adventures and hand made items with you all!

I think that when you feel so passionately about something and enjoy it so much, then you should share it with the world, and share ideas and tips because after all that’s the main way to learn isn’t it. And of course ‘sharing is caring’.

For years now, (most of my adult life as well as my childhood) I have loved nothing more than spending time outside. Whether that time is spent walking in the woods, walking along the beach barefoot or spending time in my garden growing my own organic food, or shall I say attempting to grow my own organic food! But hey it’s all about trial and error and enjoying the process of watching something grow into a tasty, healthy meal. Now what was I saying? Oh yes, whatever the activity I’m taking part in, my main love for it is the fact that I’m doing it outside, within nature with the calming trees, beautiful flowers and enchanting wildlife surrounding me. To me that is pure bliss, what more could you possibly want in life?

As part of my life’s journey and an activity that I’ve always wanted to persue, I will be camping for the first time this year and hopefully every year after that, I can’t think of anything more magical than sleeping under the stars and beneath the trees, can you?

So as this is my very first blog post, I just wanted to give you an idea of what you should expect to read should you decide to come back. You will find my crazy thoughts written down including my crazy, unconventional thinking patterns. You also will find my journey into camping along with sharing ideas and tips on camping, woodland walking, crafts (god I love crafts), anything organic, growing your own veg (I’m not sure if I can give tips on that one, but I’ll certainly try), photography and any and anything else that involves adventures of the outdoors.

So here’s to a new adventure of its own, and spending even more time outside this year, hopefully you will join me too and share your experiences; I’d absolutely love to read them.

I will also be opening an online shop selling handcrafted, organic, natural items from natural wood and organic cotton, keeping everything as pure and as Eco-friendly as possible.

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Much love,
Beneath the Trees x

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