What is a Beginners Yoga Class Like?

So, last night I attended my first ever Yoga class. How did I feel before I went? Well, I was definitely slightly nervous, if I’m honest I’ve never really attend anything like that by myself, I always drag a friend or family member along with me. But when I arrived, I realised everyone was in the same boat as me and it was the first time for all of us on this beginners yoga class.
I have to admit though, I thought the poses would be quite easy for our first class but they certainly stretched my muscles more than I thought they would. Don’t get me wrong, the instructor of course showed us simpler poses, but me being me, really wanting to get the full experience, I did push myself a little harder than I should, but not too much, and you know what? I really enjoyed it.

We started off with about 15 minutes of talking, she explained a little about Yoga, where it originates from and what you can gain from it. I’ve always been a little bit in love with Yoga, but after yesterday I now find myself loving it even more.
Once we had finished the talking, we went onto some poses and also learnt the poses that you always go back to in between each pose (please don’t ask me what it was called!). I do remember some poses we tried was the downward-facing dog, and the cobra pose, we did a few more poses but if I’m honest, they’re the only ones I remember the name of!
We ended with a beautiful relaxation session. The instructor turned the lights off and we laid in the corpse pose whilst she said some calming words, focusing on breathing and relaxation. It was AMAZING I absolutely loved it and came away feeling refreshed and calm.

So, all I can say is if you are thinking of joining a beginners Yoga class, don’t let your nervous stop you, it was so enjoyable in a calming and satisfying way and please don’t worry if you’re not “bendy”. As my instructor said to us, it isn’t about competing with the person next to you it’s about enjoying the moment and doing your best to get the best result for you.
Well what are you waiting for? Sign up to a beginners Yoga class now, if you don’t do it now you probably never will.

Much love,
Beneath the Trees x

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